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Are you a passionate sailor holding an international sailing license?

Browse our yachts that are available for bareboat charter and start planning your next journey.



Bareboat Charters

A wide variety of our sailing yachts and catamarans are fully equipped for bareboat charters without a skipper or crew. All you need in order to charter one of our yachts in Greece, is a valid International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or an International Proficiency Certificate (IPC). If you are holding an American Sailing Association (ASA) license or a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) day skipper license, it can be easily converted into an ICC or IPC in your home country. Licenses issued by the German Sailing association (DSV) and the German Motor Yacht Association (DMYV) are accepted. We further advise that at least one additional crew member also holds a RYA Competent Crew Certificate or equivalent. If you have any questions regarding required licensing, please feel free to contact us.

Skippered Charters


All our yachts that are offered for bareboat charter can also be chartered with an experienced skipper, who can assist you with route planning, sailing, and navigation and also recommend hidden gems and little known places to visit. Of course you will be able to assist the skipper if you like and he will be excited to answer any sailing related questions you might have. As we collaborate with a big network of skippers we can try to find you a skipper that speaks your native language if you wish so. If you are a novice sailor, you have the option to take a skipper for the first few days on board until you are familiar with the yacht and then continue your journey on your own.

Crewed Charters


Are you looking for the ultimate luxury vacation? If yes, a crewed charter is definitely for you. You will be able to explore the most spectacular spots in Greece and cruise in comfort and luxury, while an experienced and dedicated crew will be on board to personally tend to you and your guests' every need. All our luxury yachts feature their very own unique style. Some feature a very sporty and modern look, while others are kept in a classic, chic design that will make you feel royal. Depending on your preferences, additional crew members can be on board for you, such as water sport instructors (e.g. for scuba diving, surfing, water-skiing or wakeboarding), personal trainers (e.g. Yoga and Pilates instructors) or beauty and massage specialists.

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