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Milos named “Best Island in Europe 2019”

Every year, a survey is conducted by “World’s Best Awards, Travel + Leisure” in which millions of readers are asked to rate their travel experience on islands, according to their natural attraction and beaches, sights, activities, food, hospitality and overall value.

For 2019, Greece is the most represented country in the sub-categories “Best Islands in the World 2019” and “Best Islands in Europe 2019”, having four islands listed.

Especially in the category “Best European Islands 2019” Greece dominates the field with 4 islands in the top 5 (Milos #1, Crete #2, Paros #4 and Santorini #5).

The surprise winner Milos is a relatively small and lesser known Cycladic island in the southwest. It is a popular destination for couples and honeymooners as it is also called the “Island of Lovers”. This nickname is based on the fact that the famous statue of Venus de Milo has been found on the island.

Volcanic activity in ancient years endowed Milos with a unique and gorgeous landscape. Impressive rock formations that emerge from the water create a lot of sheltered coves, inlets and caves that are beautiful to discover by boat and make Milos' beaches uniquely beautiful. The most famous being Kleftiko.

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